Barnatos Boy – Stafforshire Bullterrier

Barnatos Boy

This is Paddy's blogg, Enjoy it!!! Just becouse I'm born in UK doesn't mean I do handle the language correctly. I apologize for my spelling.


Yes, I know, long time once again…

Well, been a while since last time,

Been busy with soo much, and in the Summer we haven’t had time sitting at the computer, just enjoying the weather!

But here comes some photos of Paddy and he is growing!

Sorry for the bad quality!!

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SNOW!!!! 2012

Sorry for not updating for while, this site hasn’t been working with me, so the photos didn’t get here. But now we’re working together again!!

Here comes some photos from this Winter when Paddy and Abbe was playing in the snow!!!
And tomorrow it is time for MyDog show in Gothenburg, so we’re preparing for that and there will be some photos from that as well..

So I wish you al a Happy New Year and a Great 2013!!! Good night!


Gränna Rasspecial 2012

And here comes a long day in the warmy Gränna (once again).
It was said to be rain, and rain and rand. Instead we had a realy warm day, almost to warm. At least for Us both.
Any way, it was a lovely day and they have done a great work to get it to work!!

We got an Excellent this time, but no place, to hard opponents! 280 something was there to compete!! A lot of animals LOL

The word of the judge:
Good standard dog, shown in fit condition, w/ (?) neat ears and good headshape. Good width and length of muscle. Clean scissor bute. However, has almond shaped eyes wich spoils the expression. Should continue to do well as this is a minor fault, as overall  balance and confirmation is good.

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And yes, we are still alive. But there has been so much else to do that this site has been our last thing to do..
Anyway. Here comes a busy weekend!!

Let’s start in Tvååker where there was an International show:

Excellent 2:nd place with (Cert kvalification?) and no place in the final.
Word from the judge:
20 months, medium strong, good proportions. Typical head, nice expression. Excellent earset, very good topline, excellent tailcarriage. Should have better musculations in front. A little short upperarm. In movement could have little longer steps in front.

After al a perfect day and I know about the faults. So let’s build some musckles LOL!!

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Here come some pictures from some time, it’s pretty different pictures, but anyway..


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Now it’s time again, I hope it wont take as long time as last to update, but there is a life outside the blog as well.
Been alot to do an nothing at al LOL

Well, to the topic:

Sunday it was time for Malmö internationel show, the first one this season (for us at least).
Saturday: we went to Lund to a friend of mine and slept there so we could get early to Mamlö. We took a long walk through Lund and looked at everything (at least tried to) Ammie and Johanna was there as well, and it was time for Ammies first ”period” so Paddy didn’t have anything else in his head than just to ”play” with  her, (it was the first time Paddy met a lady in her ”period) so our focus where more at that than the town LOL. But sometime should be the first. The night we spent there was well, none of us did sleep anything that night.

Sunday: We got up and ready to leave, we al looked like we drunk alot the day before, but that’s what happends when your getting yourself a Dog instead of a Bitch LOL. Ammie was going ”run” her first real show, Junior, before it was Paddys turn. And it went great for her, Excellent and a 3:rd place. you can read more at Johannas blogg, and also there is pictures and the judge words about her.

Paddys turn into the ring, he was tired and unfocused, he hadn’t eat the last day, so it could be better. But it didn’t the judge didn’t liked him, and he just got ”Very Good” and I will try to put in what the judge said, but it isn’t easy, so tell me if something is wierd so will I try to figure it out.

Judge: 16months Good silk(?) and proportions Medium strong bones Good head and eye- Good skull. Narrow muskle. Good cheek. Correct ears. dark eyes, Correct bite Good body for his age. Needs more forechest(?) at the moment. Moderate angulation(?). Short step behind.

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Snow and Forrest <3

Some weeks there are a lot of pictures, other weeks are there none at all LOL

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